An Expert Guide to Urethral Sounding

Urethral sounding is the act of stimulating the urethra to enjoy amazing sexual sensation and powerful orgasms. It’s usually done by a “sound” which is a long probe that’s inserted into the penis and reaches all the way to the urethra. The urethra is encompassed by super-sensitive nerves. Thus, when you massage the organ and its surrounding region with a long probe, you are rewarded with a strong euphoric sensation.

Are you  too tempted to try out urethral sounding? Now, that’s a delicate act and you must be careful while proceeding to ensure a safe and pleasant experience. Much to your convenience, the post below outlines an expert guide to urethral sounding.

Choose the right sound

It all starts with choosing the right urethral sound. As you are a newbie here, stick to sounds with slightly curved ends. Don’t go for sounds with pronounced curves as these are especially for the experienced ones. In regards to size, avoid ones that are too thick and too long. Your best bet will be moderately thin and small sounds. The ideal sound for you will be the one which will fit the urethra with minimal resistance and stretch.

According to experts, you must count on sounds made with stainless steel for maximum safety.

Get a lube

You have to lube up the sound before you insert it inside the penis. The best option here is water-based lubricants as these work fine with all kinds of materials.

Sanitize your sound & hands

You can’t just lube up and insert a sound into your penis. You have to sanitize it first. The best way in sterilizing the urethral sound is to submerge it into boiling water for 30 minutes. After you take it out from heat, let it cool down for a while. Alongside, you must sanitize your hands as well by washing them in lukewarm water. Try to use a chemical-free soap here.  Wash your genital organ as well. Make sure both your hands and sound do not come into contact with anything else before you start the sounding process. If accidentally your hands or sound touch anything, you have to carry the sanitization process all over again.

Lube up

After the sound has cooled down, you can now lube it up. You must also apply lube on the opening of the penis where the sound will be inserted.

Slide the sound

Once both the sound and your penis have been generously lubed up, it’s time to start the sounding process. Stabilize the toy with a hand & slowly insert it into penis opening. Nudge gently to take the sound to your urethra and let it fall into hole naturally. You should maintain a calm and composed stance here and must not use any kind of force. Initially, it will take some time to start the whole process but you should be patient. If you get stuck in the midway, slowly take the rod out and lube it again before inserting for the second time.

Urethral play

As the sound safely reaches to the urethra, it will stop. Wait for couple of minutes and allow the urethra to get adjusted with a foreign object. After a few minutes, if you think you are comfortable, you can start the urethral play.       One way to enjoy urethral sounding is to slowly move the toy in & out around ½ inch of your penis. The process will massage your urethral walls and reward you with an unforgettable sensation. Once you get accustomed to the sound and the process, you can rotate the toy inside you. But the rotation play should only be done when you are seasoned with the in & out movement.

Urinate after play

You may experience pain after urethral sounding. Don’t worry this is very common and happens with anybody who gets into urethral sounding. So, after you are done with urethral sounding, you should always pee. Urination will help to dissipate the pain fast.

You may feel some kind of stinging sensation when you go for urination after the urethral play. But again, that’s not uncommon. You will get rid of the pain within 24 hours only. But if the stinging sensation lasts beyond 24 hours, you may need to consult with a doctor.

Sterilize again

You must sterilize the toy again before putting it back into its fold. Follow the same process of sterilization as you will do before using the sound. You have to follow the sterilization before and after enjoying urethral sounding everytime you use it. Finally, it will take some time before you get used to the whole process. Be patient and give it its due time. Do not ever rush or apply force here as you will be dealing with some of the most delicate organs of your body.