Pro Guide to Enjoy the Most with Your Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are a beauty. They are the perfect example of the wise old saying- “All good things come in small packages”. These handy tools can take your orgasm to a whole new level with a powerful filling sensation inside the anus and a thrilling G-spot stimulation. For men, butt plugs reward them with a marvelous P-spot stimulation. If you have not included butt plugs in your adult toy arsenal, you are missing out on a great deal of fun. So, it’s high time you too tuck in a butt plug and explore the pleasure of anal stimulation.

The post below offers a cool guide on how to enjoy your butt plug the most.

But, before getting into the main discussion, let’s discuss some safety tips to remember for a safe usage of these nifty anal toys.

Safety tips to remember

Mind the size

The size of your butt plug plays a key role in determining your experience with the toy.

For those uninitiated, these plugs are available in various sizes. But not all sizes would be compatible for every level of user. If you are a beginner, go for a small size that’s especially meant for the new users. Remember, your anal muscles have not experienced a foreign toy before. So, when you will insert the toy inside, it will put strain on the muscles. Your goal would be to minimize the strain as much as possible. A small toy won’t put much pressure on your anal muscles and you will enjoy a safe and rewarding experience. Once you become seasoned in plug play, you can shift to larger sizes.

Lubrication is a must

You have used adult toys before like dildo or vibrator, you already know about the importance of lubrication. The same goes for butt plugs. Lubrication is even more important with anal toys. It’s to note here, unlike vagina, your anus can’t lubricate itself. Thus, you will need more lubrication here when using a butt plug.

However, the type of lube you choose would depend on the material of your butt plug. Silicone lubes are the most common for adult toys. But, if you are using a silicone toy, go for a water-based lube.

You will use the lube not only on the toy but also around the passage through which the toy would enter your body. As per the experts, you will have to use the lube multiple times till the toy finally gets inside your anus. Besides, lubrication is also needed while taking out the toy from your butt.

Be careful of the material

Not all butt plug materials are safe to use. Use materials like silicone, metal or glass. Stay away from rubber or TPE butt plugs.

Finger first

Don’t just push in the butt plug inside your anus. If this is your first time, you should always make a preparatory stage with your fingers first. Lube up your fingers and then insert them inside the anus. After a few turns, your anus will get used to penetration. Then, you can safely insert the anus.

Know the time limit

Butt plugs are not exactly meant for extended use, even after you become a seasoned user. As per the sex toy experts and doctors, you should not keep the toy inside your body for more than 3 hours. If you are a beginner, your initial time limit will be 45 minutes to 1 hour. Once you get acquainted with the feeling, you may exceed the time limit further.

Tips to enjoy your butt plug

Feel the sensation during oral

You can have the butt plug inside while both giving and receiving oral. When you are a giver, tell your partner to push the nifty toy inside you. After that, as you slowly wrap him in delight with the sexy moves of your tongue- the toy inside you does its job to stimulate you to the core. If you are receiving a powerful oral from your partner, the plug at the backdoor will double up the pleasure for you.

Your male partner can also wear the butt plug while giving and receiving pleasure. However, if you are planning to share the same plug, just make sure to top it with a condom before using it. The condom will be replaced with a fresh one when the plug will go the other partner.

Plug in kink play

Are you two fond of light BDSM? Well, a butt plug could be an amazing accessory for the BDSM nights. In fact, there are certain plugs that are designed with animal tails for animal plays. Here are two ideas that you can try with a butt plug during your power play nights.

Let’s say, the woman will be the sub here while his male partner will be the dom. So, what the dom would do here is make the sub lie flat on her stomach. Then he will tie her up tight. As she starts to beg to relieve her, the dom will push in a butt plug with animal tail inside her. Then, he will untie the sub and make her dog-walk and perform other acts under his command.

The next one is an act where your dom partner desires to have anal sex with you and wants you to stay all prepped-up for that. Butt plugs are a great way to prepare your backdoor for a powerful anal sex. So, your partner will command you to wear the butt plug before he goes out so that you can be all hot and ready for him when he comes back.

Butt Plug during vaginal sex

A lot of women ignore backdoor stimulation during vaginal sex. But what they don’t know is that a butt plug can take your vaginal intercourse to a whole new level. As mentioned before, these toys are excellent for G-spot stimulation. Not only that, a stimulated G-spot will make the vagina tighter. Your partner will enjoy a firmer grip when he will get inside you. And together, you two will open the floodgates of ecstasy and soak in their seamless pleasure.

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