Our staff has been working incredibly hard to stalk your favorite porn stars for you, and we think it’s time to finally meet them!

Katrina Hopkins
Kat has been with us since the early days of this website. Despite having a name that sounds like a porn star, all she can do is to produce quality content for us that are focused on sneaking up to the lives of your favorite adult artists.

Inigo Raymond
Mr. Raymond is our resident photographer/paparazzi. He usually works with Katrina, but also helps other staff capture your favorite porn stars in action!

Trevor Barry
Trevy is the guy you want if you want to get to know the up and coming amateur porn stars in the industry. We are not sure how he does that, but we are in love with his discoveries!

Muhamed Richards
Muhamed used to be an amateur porn star with videos from different porn sites and subscription-based sites. He knows a bunch of these people, and we are lucky that we get always get an exclusive pass, discounts, and latest scoops that we all enjoy!

Lemar Gilliam
Lemar is a production assistant to one of the well-known porn producers in California. He indulges us with exclusive clips, photos, and latest news from your favorite porn stars.